Tilt Theorem Black Edition Complete Scooter

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The Tilt Theorem Black Edition Complete Scooter is available at Custom Scooters!  With three sizes, there's one for every rider looking to step up their game.  Lightweight aluminum T-bars and a simplified version of Tilt's aluminum Theory deck make this a great cost-effective way to have a completely Tilt scooter.  It also provides the flexibility to change wheel sizes anytime.

Weights:  (S) 7.7 lbs,  (M) 8.1 lbs, (L) 8.9 lbs

Bars WxH:  (S) 20 x 23.5"  (M) 21 x 25"  (L) 22 x 26.5"

Decks:  (S) 5 x 20"  (M) 5.5 x 21"  (L) 6 x 22"

Wheels:  (S) 24 x 110  (M) 24 x 110  (L) 30 x 120

Dropouts:  welded

Fender:  adjustable flex

Grips:  Metra

Griptape:  No. 60 medium


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