District Bars ST2

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Type: Scooter Bars

Vendor: District

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Same shape as the AL-2, only made from super strong 4130 Chromoly Steel. Heavier than the aluminum model, but this one will last a lot longer. 

Bar Benefits:

  • Strength/weight ratio = More tricks & less breakage
  • Balanced scooter = Increase control & better transfer of energy
  • One can choose the right bar for his/her riding (Alu/Steel + sizes)
  • Gussets reduce leverage = absorb shocks = more comfort
  • Right width = more comfort / bio mechanics aligned (width of shoulders = width of bars)
  • Aesthetic! The bars are the most visible part of a scooter, elegance and style is key! District bars provide great look!
  • Steel bars will spin faster

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