About Us

About Us

Custom Scooters is your one stop shop for push powered, electric powered, and gas powered scooters. There are many places to shop, but there is only one Custom Scooters. We don’t just sell scooters, but offer both shoppers and scooter owners alike a place to come and find out what’s the best out there and how to get the most from your scooter investment. For whatever use or whatever age, Custom Scooters will “steer” you towards the right direction!

Customer Satisfaction is our absolute top priority! We take every step in making sure your purchase decision is worry free. There are many scooters being sold with very poor quality standards and even some that are imitations or copies of the real quality brands. Custom Scooters only sells scooters built by the original brand name manufacturers and only scooters that have met our specific quality standards. We want to make sure you’re satisfied and we’ll do whatever it takes!

Why Scooters?

Why Scooters? Why not? Since the early inventions of transportation and cycled vehicles, the scooter has always been known for it’s versatality and practicality. A lot of things can get you from point A to point B but not too many other vehicles can make it as fun and keep it as safe as a scooter! Scooters are easy to ride because the center of gravity is evenly balanced between the two wheels or tires, and not only gives the rider stability, but creates more motion with less power than pedaling!

Today’s scooters have come a long way from what people used to think was only a child’s toy. And if you’re a parent, you may find yourself “borrowing” your child’s scooter more often than you would like to admit. When you’re ready to learn more, ask our helpful staff to find out which scooter is best for you!